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 Nem kitalálni kell azt ami jó, hanem ami jó azt tökéletesítve folytatni!

Here you can find everything need not pay for wellness

 Keep your health spirituality own home, no need to travel, book hotel, quiet family atmosphere heated pool in winter enjoy the torrential snow fall!

 Commercial purposes is also well suited for large előkerttel, car parking and a garage!





GPS coordinates: 


15:17 47 ° 30 N 19 ° 15 31.28 "E


Sale of the Rose Hill XVII.


Representative of several generations of a family house for sale in a landscaped garden, kitchen garden, filagóriával, furnace, heated swimming pool which is 60m3, and in winter, summer or use. The house was built in 2008, thirteen years ago became a 10cm decorative insulated cover, decorated with a diameter of 8méter 880m2 plot with swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, 12m2 and 130m2 in size three-storey family house for sale háromállásos basement parking place, three-shaft assembly, solarium, tanning room, Finnish sauna room and a sauna with light therapy, also in the basement laundry room, multi-functional boiler room, engine room for a pool, staircase and workshop are located. The first floor living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and WC on the road every 33cm and floor tiles. 16m2-es on the street front, side and front-25m2, pool front and rear of the first-level height and 25m2 terrace. The levels are connected by a staircase with one another. The upper floor has four rooms and one in 2008, made a steam-bath cabin with hydromassage bath, except the floor covering under floor heating system. Hálókból overlooking the street front of a 12m2 room and terrace in the garden party. Or fired or gas mixed with diesel boilers, which are controlled underfloor heating. Gates and the alarm system is electrically basement is suitable for warehouse, industrial power is.

The unfinished things around. Between 3-5% of which is permitted by the equipment such as: 100% preparedness sauna, steam bath, solarium preparedness 100%, 100% complete bársarok, kitchen furniture, machines, pool tables 100% complete, 100% ready to be heated swimming pool, gym preparing for 95% of Emergency, which is currently under their stage Recycle Bin felújjítás 55%, 65% roof terrace, etc. we can talk about everything we are flexible!


 The flat owner to sell the occasional price target price

Occasional discount until 03.31.2011

Bring a realistic price which is good for both of us! HUFt.

Event of a serious buyer, serious discount!

 Idea house fire collectors view of tourists, frivolous, ötletszegények spare the muddy lábuktól!

Click here to see who is serious and intent look forward to the guest love a good cup of coffee!

Prior notice! Phone:

06-20-9-187-008, 06-703-552-265


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